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description is a repository of code and reference library for Technical SEOs who are interested in development and data science.

Resources for Technical SEOs


We started this journey by wanting to create a Wikipedia page for "Technical Search Engine Optimization". What we learned is that there is an incredible amount of content about the subject, but it was very difficult to find authoritative sources (or at least ones that would be viewed that way from outside the SEO world). Most of the content was in article form and dealt with only certain aspects or only the key benefits of Technical SEO.

The goals of this documentation are:

  • Create Wikipedia-style (authoritatively sourced) information about Technical SEO.
  • List open-source projects that members of the SEO community have contributed that include a description (article) as well as clean, documented code that others may use.
  • Provide documentation for popular workflows and code examples in Python and JavaScript (and others?)


We have made a connected repo here that is public. We strongly encourage pull requests to grow this resource. Also, with Gitbook (the SAAS used for this documentation), we may need to upgrade to a paid plan ($40/mo) at some point. That includes 5 seats. We are looking for a couple of permanent contributors to own the Technical SEO and Javascript sections. Knowledge of Git and Wikipedia-style writing is required. In addition, we would love to have sponsors. Please email me at if you are interested.

Inclusions of Code

To be included in the Code Examples sections, the following conditions must be true:

  1. The code must be explained, in an article or well-documented in the source.
  2. The code must be related to a function of Technical SEO.
  3. The code should be novel or not commonly available already.
  4. The code should be repeatable, easily, by others, with reasonable cost or work.

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