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Immutable date and time library for JavaScript

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js-joda is an immutable date and time library for JavaScript. It provides a simple, domain-driven and clean API based on the ISO8601 calendar.

  • js-joda supports ECMAScript 5 browsers down to IE9.

  • js-joda is a port of the ThreeTen backport, which is the base for JSR-310 implementation of the Java SE 8 java.time package. Threeten is inspired by Joda-Time, having similar concepts and the same author.

  • js-joda is robust and stable. We ported more then 1700 test-cases with a lots of test-permutations from the ThreeTen Backport project. We run the automated karma test-suite against Firefox, Chrome, Node and phantomjs.

js-joda packages

js-joda consist of four packages:

package name description path
@js-joda/core Implementation of the ThreeTen Classes and API /packages/core
@js-joda/timezone Implementation of timezone calculation based on the iana Time Zone Database /packages/timezone
@js-joda/locale Implementation of locale specific functionality for js-joda, especially for formatting and parsing locale specific dates /packages/locale
@js-joda/extra Implementation of the ThreeTen-Extra Classes and API /packages/extra

The @js-joda/examples package is for testing the different build artifacts in different context, like webpack, browser node, etc.

js-joda is now a mono repo

We moved all js-joda libraries into this repository as a monorepo and put all js-joda npm modules under the @js-joda scope.

The previous repositories for the packages js-joda-timezone, js-joda-locale and js-joda-extra are deprecated.

The last version of previous packages and the equivalent new scoped package versions are as follows:

last version of previous package equivalent new scoped package
js-joda@1.11.0 @js-joda/core@1.11.0
js-joda-timezone@2.0.2 @js-joda/timezone@2.0.2
@js-joda/locale@2.0.1+34.0.0 @js-joda/locale@3.0.0+34.0.0
js-joda-extra@0.2.2 @js-joda/extra@0.2.2