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Blockly Text2Code

An educational tool for creating block-based and textual languages that enable programming novices to code in their native languages before transitioning to industry-standard ones such as JavaScript.

Environment Features/Customizations

  • Fully customizable block-based language: Refer to for more information about creating a block-based language and translations to executable JavaScript (and other industry-standard languages)
  • Convert blocks from pedagogical language to pure JavaScript blocks.
  • Fully customizable text-based language that embeds in JavaScript allowing person to program using a combination of pedagogical code from their own native languages and pure JavaScript. To do this, JavaScript is extended via a library.
  • Parser/Evaluator to convert text-based language to block-based language. Production rules of Context-free grammar can be specified in grammar JSON files. Interpretations are specified in block-interpretations.
  • Multi-lingual support: Add language constants in msg files.

English/Hindi Demo

To test with string function blocks, open exact.html in the browser. For a video with a brief survey of the features using the Hindi blocks, see: . For introductory instructional videos with a few string problems in English, see: .

More documentation about customization to be added in the future.


If you make changes, you can reduild with Node Package Manager using the command: npm run build


Supported by Google Education Grant: tool to introduce programming in native spoken language (English,Hindi, etc.) and enable transition to industry-standard language such as JavaScript. See course: (0 can be changed to 1-18). See: (Mobile …







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