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Just A Bunch Of Tweets - a simple twitter bot
Perl Python


jbot is simple twitter bot modelled in functionality after a certain IRC
bot employed at $WORK (the public version of which you can find as a
rather horrendous perl abomination in the 'irc' subdirectory).  It uses
the @jbot account, but was once known as @j_b_o_t.  jbot will
follow anybody who follows him. Any messages by any of the users he
follows will be analyzed for certain regular expressions that may cause
jbot to chime in to the conversation with snide remarks or helpful

In addition, jbot also searches for any messages mentioning his name and
will execute any commands found in those messages. Commands need to be in
the format "@jbot !<command>". See the website mentioned below for a
possibly outdated list of supported commands.

	- python (presumably > 2.5)
	- py-tweepy (

	- install -c -m 755 src/ /somewhere/in/your/path/jbot
	- install -c -m 444 doc/jbot.1 /somewhere/in/your/manpath/man1/jbot.1

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