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Transforms jsdoc data into something more suitable for use as template input. Also adds a few tags to the default set:

  • Support for new tags in the input javascript
    • @category <string>: Useful for grouping identifiers by category.
    • @done: Used to mark @todo items as complete.
    • @typicalname: If set on a class, namespace or module, child members will documented using this typical name as the parent name. Real-world typical name examples are $ (the typical name for jQuery instances), _ (underscore) etc.
    • @chainable: Set to mark a method as chainable (has a return value of this).

Command-line usage

This module is built into jsdoc-to-markdown, you can see the output using this command:

$ jsdoc2md --json <files>

© 2014-18 Lloyd Brookes <>. Documented by jsdoc-to-markdown.