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= ActiveResourceIntegrationDsl (ARID)
Provides a framework of common integration tests for RESTful CRUD interactions.
== Installation
script/plugin install git://
== Sample Usage
class ArticleTest < ActionController::IntegrationTest
include ActiveResourceIntegrationDsl
def test_some_article_functionality
new_session_as('jonnyg','testing123') do |jon|
params = {:article => {
:title => 'Foo Bites Bar',
:content => 'Bar was bitten by Foo yesterday.'
jon.builds_story(:params => params)
params = {:article => {:title => 'Bar Bitten Badly'}}
jon.edits_story(1,:params => params)
== API
Complete API Documentation @
* Session Instantiation -- ActiveResourceIntegrationDsl
* Session Methods -- ActiveResourceIntegrationDsl::SessionMethods
== License
Released under the MIT license.
== Author
* Jonathan Garvin ( )
== Assumptions
The plugin makes certain assumptions about your application.
Some of these can be bypassed or overridden if your app does
not conform.
* You have appropriate map.resources lines in your routes.rb
for any controllers you intend to test with these methods.
* sessions_path helper method returns the path to a controller
that controls user logins. (Provided automatically by
Rails if you have a sessions_controller and routes.rb
includes "map.resources :sessions".)
* Your sessions controller accepts parameters in the form of...
{:user => {:username => 'xxx', :password => 'yyy'}} Override
by providing your own new_session_as method that generates
an appropriate session for your app with the user provided.