Forge is a framework for Fortran that is designed to make it simple to create a GUI
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This project is no longer being actively worked on. Please refer to my blog to find what I believe to be a better way to make a GUI:

ForGE (Inactive)


Forge is a static library. To compile, include the libforge.a file in your library directory and the forge.mod file in your modules directory.

Add the following arguments to your linker arguments: -lforge -lgtk-2-fortran -lgtk-win32-2.0.dll -lgdk-win32-2.0.dll -lgthread-2.0.dll -lgdi32 -lole32 -latk-1.0.dll -lgdk_pixbuf-2.0.dll -lpangowin32-1.0.dll -lpango-1.0.dll -lcairo.dll -lcairo-gobject.dll -lgobject-2.0.dll -lgmodule-2.0.dll -lglib-2.0.dll -lintl.dll

Add '-cpp' to the Fortran compiler arguments.

gtk-fortran is required to be already installed and working, otherwise the library linking won't work.


Instructions are available in the instructions.txt file.

Test File

The test.f90 is a test file I use to call the functions and create a GUI. Until I finish creating proper documentation, you can use that see what the library can do. All the possible functions are there, though most are commented out.


v0.1 - Initial release!

v0.2.0 - Finished converting to object containers for each window, no more global variables for that

   - Changed named of handlers module to event_handlers for clarity
   - Added additional widget procedures:  create_button, create_text_entry
   - Added example event handlers for new widgets

v0.2.1 - Removed OpenMP stuff. May add in the future. Focusing on GUI creation for now.

   - Rearranged functions to simplify development

v0.2.2 - Changed to static library

v0.3.1 - Completely rewrote codebase to change to object-oriented design

   - More widgets added

v0.4.0 - Added the following widgets: sub-menus, separator, sliders, spin buttons, cairo drawing area

   - Fixed duplicate widget name checking
   - Revamped widget placement and sizing
   - Added run_on_interval function to run a function on an interval (intended for graphics updates)