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Opinionated chef recipes for Ubuntu/Debian. Manage nginx, unicorn, UNIX user accounts, postgresql, and more!
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bluepill fix bluepill status check
bundler upgrade bundler to 1.0.18
chef bump chef
fcgiwrap nagios: fixes, fewer service definitions, encrypted credentials
java just use openjdk
juggernaut don't pipe juggernaut output to logger, doesnt work
keepalived keepalived: add support for trigger scripts on state changes
locale add locale cookbook
logrotate add a bunch of cleaned up cookbooks
memcached make memcached bluepill work
nagios remove 37s stuff
openssl remove old package installs
rabbitmq add more cookbooks, clean up nginx
redis various fixes
ruby add ruby gc wrapper recipe
ruby_enterprise_edition assume a package_url attribute
runit clean up
security add /etc/security management cookbook
solr put solr under bluepill
ssh start ssh after networking
ssl_certificates add ssl cert combined with key for haproxy
sudo add nagios and sudo cookbook
sysctl initialize sysctl settings
syslog-ng restore standard syslog
unicorn fix unicorn pid path
users various fixes
README.markdown use markdown


These Chef cookbooks assume the following:

  • Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid)
  • Chef 0.10.x server and client
  • No site-specific data such as IP addresses, users, etc.
  • Usage as a submodule in another repository containing roles, data bags, etc.
  • A minimal set of data bags containing: users, groups, certificates, apps and known ssh keys


  • LWRP or definition to simplify fetching and installing remote debian packages
  • Script to generate a skeleton top-level repository with example roles, data bags and an encrypted data bag secret
  • setup limits.conf for solr

== Attribution

These cookbooks are based on those developed at 37signals, partially available at: Authors: John Williams, Mark Imbriaco, Taylor Weibley, Joshua Sierles and Will Jessop

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