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Latest commit b4caf0f Jun 10, 2017 @jsimonet msg-confirm is now a hash
Assign a Boolean value to a channel name.
If set to True, a confirmation message will be generated to inform the
user the point has been handled.




    use IRC::Client;
    use IRC::Client::Plugin::UserPoints;
        :plugins( )
<jsimonet> botte++
<botte> jsimonet, Adding one point to botte in « main » category
<jsimonet> botte2++ Perl6
<botte> jsimonet, Adding one point to botte2 in « Perl6 » category
<jsimonet> jsimonet++
<botte> jsimonet, Influencing points of himself is not possible.
<jsimonet> !scores
<botte> jsimonet, « botte » has some points : 1 for main
<botte> jsimonet, « botte2 » has some points : 1 in Perl6
<jsimonet> !sum
<botte> jsimonet, Total points : 2


This module is a plugin for IRC::Client, which aims to count points delivered to users.

A point can be categorized, for more precision :)

Points can be listed with the scores command, and passing one or more users will list only theirs points.

A sum can be printed with sum command, and like scores command, a list of users can be used.

        :db-file-name( 'path/to/file.txt' ),
        :command-prefix( '!' ),
        :msg-confirm( '#channel1' => True )


The file name of the points database.


The command prefix is used to determine the char used to trigger the bot.


The maximum number of users the bot can print their points. Can be used to prevent spam.

Default value: +Inf (Infinite)


Confirm on IRC when a point have been handled.

Defaults to False.


<nickName>++         # Add a point in "main" category
<nickName>--         # Remove a point in "main" category
<nickName>++ Perl6   # Add a point in "Perl6" category
!scores              # Prints the attributed points
!scores <nickName> … # Prints the attributed points
!sum                 # Sum of all attributed points
!sum <nickName> …    # Sum of attributed points for nickName


To report bugs or request features, please use


Julien Simonet