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AVR32 Toolchain Builder

This is a early implementation of a Makefile for an AVR32 toolchain builder for Mac OS X & Linux, and it has not been extensively tested. That said the patches are taken directly from Atmel, and basic testing is done with some more complicated builds (i.e.: eLua in float and integer mode) to ensure that that at least these work after toolchain modifications.

Note: If you have previously built a toolchain of another version, out of the same builder directory, make sure to do the following first before building with newer sources:

make clean

Requirements (OS X)

You will need to have GCC, make and binutils on your machine to compile all of this. You can get all of these on Mac OS X, by just installing the Apple Developer Tools. You should be able to download free versions of 3.x from the ADC website, install from the OS X install disc that came with your machine, or download XCode 4 from the App Store (now free again for all registered users).

You will also need gmp, mpfr and mpc first. I recommend installing these from homebrew for now. I’ll add these to the Makefile once I have a consistent configuration that can be used for both Linux & OS X.

With homebrew you can install those dependencies like this:

brew install mpfr gmp libmpc texinfo

If you would like to build dfu-programmer, also install libusb:

brew install libusb-compat

Requirements (Ubuntu)

These instructions should now also work on Ubuntu Linux, provided the following packages have been installed prior to attempting the build:

sudo apt-get install curl flex bison libgmp3-dev libmpfr-dev autoconf build-essential libncurses5-dev libmpc-dev texinfo

If you would like to build dfu-programmer, also install libusb:

sudo apt-get install libusb-dev

Main Build Instructions

Next build the toolchain:

make install-cross

You should be able to also specify a specific install/prefix location by building using the following type of invokation:

PREFIX=$HOME/avr32-tools make install-cross

If you do this, make sure you have permissions to create a directory at this location and/or to create directories within this location if the directory already exists.

NOTE: If you’re running Mac OS X Lion or XCode 4.1 you may find that you’re unable to bootstrap GCC. To work around this until the issue is fixed in Apple’s distribution of llvm-gcc, use the following command instead of the above to build.

CC=gcc-4.2 make install-cross

This should build the compiler, newlib, gdb, etc.. and install them all into a directory called arm-cs-tools in your home directory. If you want to install to another location, feel free to change the export lines and to adjust the definitions at the top of the Makefile.

Keep in mind that the Makefile does install at the end of each build.

Once you’re done, the makefile should notify you of the install location, which will be based on the git revision if you cloned the repository or the current date if you grabbed a tarball and/or you don’t have the git binary. The message should look like the following:

Your tools have now been installed at the following prefix:

Please be sure to add something similar to the following to your .bash_profile, .zshrc, etc:
export PATH=/Users/jsnyder/avr32-tools-bd2485b/bin:$PATH

If it uses the date instead the the git short revision will bve replaced with a date number like: 20110726.

If you also would like dfu-programmer installed intalled (make sure you have previously installed libusb as described in requirements):

make install-dfu

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Rob Emanuele for the basis of this Makefile:


Makefile & supporting patches/scripts to build an AVR32 toolchain.






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