The JSON Schema I-D sources
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Welcome to JSON Schema

JSON Schema is a vocabulary that allows you to validate, annotate, and manipulate JSON documents.

This repository contains the sources for the work in progress of the next set of JSON Schema IETF Internet Draft (I-D) documents. For the latest released I-Ds, please see the Specification page on the website.

Call for contributions and feedback

Reviews, comments and suggestions are most welcome! Please read our guidelines for contributing.


For the current status of issues and pull requests, please see the following labels

Available In Progress Review Needed

Critical High Medium Low

Labels are assigned based on Sensible Github Labels.


  • Makefile - scripts to build the Internet-Draft txt/html
  • Internet-Draft sources
    • jsonschema-core.xml - source for JSON Schema's "core" I-D
    • jsonschema-validation.xml - source for the validation vocabulary I-D
    • jsonschema-hyperschema.xml - source for the hyper-schema vocabulary I-D
    • relative-json-pointer.xml - source for the Relative JSON Pointer I-D
  • meta-schemas and recommended output formats
    • schema.json - JSON Schema "core" and Validation meta-schema
    • hyper-schema.json - JSON Hyper-Schema meta-schema
    • links.json - JSON Hyper-Schema's Link Description Object meta-schema
    • hyper-schema-output.json - The recommended output format for JSON Hyper-Schema links

Type "make" at a shell to build the .txt and .html spec files.

Descriptions of the xml2rfc, I-D documents, and RFC processes:

Test suites

Conformance tests for JSON Schema and its vocabularies may be found in their own repository.

The website

The JSON Schema web site is at

The source for the website is maintained in a separate repository.


The source material in this repository is licensed under the AFL or BSD license.