Integration of JSONLD-Java with Clerezza
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JSONLD-Java Clerezza Integration module

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This module provide a ParsingProviderand SerializingProvider for Apache Clerezza. Those Providers plug into the Clerezza Parser and Serializer service infrastructure. Meaning that adding this bundle will allow Clerezza to parse and serialize JSON-LD.


From Maven


(Adjust for most recent , as found in pom.xml).


The ClerezzaTripleCallback returns an instance of org.apache.clerezza.rdf.core.MGraph

See for example Usage.


Assuming the above Bundle is active in the OSGI Environment one can simple inject the Serializer and/or Parser service.

private Serializer serializer;

private Parser parser;

Normal Java

Both the Parser and Serializer also support java.util.ServiceLoader. So when running outside an OSGI environment one can use the getInstance() to obtain an instance.

Serializer serializer = Serializer.getInstance();

Parser parser = Parser.getInstance();

Supported Formats

The JSON-LD parser implementation supports application/ld+json. The serializer supports both application/ld+json and application/json.

The rational behind this is that the parser can not parse any JSON however the Serializer does generate valid JSON.