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$NetBSD: README.OSF1,v 1.2 2007/04/20 13:16:01 tnn Exp $
Prebuilt pkgtools and gcc binaries
To get started quickly, prebuilt kits can be downloaded from
Bootstrapping pkgsrc
The bootstrap currently requires gcc. To use the compiler kit from above:
# env CC=/usr/local/gcc4/bin/gcc CFLAGS=-O2 ./bootstrap
Selecting which compiler to use
After the bootstrap is completed, you must decide which compiler to use.
To keep using gcc, add CC=/path/to/gcc and CXX=/path/to/g++ to your
newly created mk.conf.
To use the native compiler, set PKGSRC_COMPILER=ccc in mk.conf.
If you need the C++ Compiler it is available from
It may need a separate license to run.
Tips and Tricks
Other suggestions to make the system more well-behaved:
stty status ""
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