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Documentalist Build Status

Documentalist is an extensible documentation generator that is meant to support multiple source languages, documentation syntaxes, and output formats.

The project includes both a library and executable component:

  • The library is the main focus of development, and will include most of the logic. The goal is to support embedded documentation generation capabilities in other programs.
  • The executable is intended to be a simple front-end that automatically hooks up stages for generating pretty documentation output from a chosen source language.


The architecture is split into three major stages:

  1. A SourceParser locates documentation comments and the declarations to which they're attached. Currently, there's only one SourceParser, built on LibClang.
  2. A CommentParser interprets declarations and comment texts according to a predefined syntax, and creates a language-independent AST. Currently, there's only one CommentParser, which interprets TomDoc style comments.
  3. A Writer generates pretty output, like the final result of Doxygen or Appledoc.

Each stage should depend only on the previous, such that the CommentParser has no knowledge of the source language, and the Writer has no knowledge of the documentation syntax or source language.

Building Concrete Implementations

To make a new implementation for a stage, simply create an instance of the respective typeclass.

If the implementation is meant to be part of Documentalist proper, make sure to follow the existing module structure, and add the new module(s) to the package description.

Getting Started

brew install --with-clang llvm
cabal install --only-dependencies
cabal configure
cabal build

If you want to run the tests:

cabal install --only-dependencies --enable-tests
cabal configure --enable-tests
cabal build
cabal test