A basic process virtual machine
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Hydrogen Virtual Machine

A basic process virtual machine

What is Hydrogen?

A simple register based process virtual machine which is written in C/C++. It uses its own dialect of assembly and is designed to work on OSX x86_64 systems. It is intended to be used with the Giraffe Programming language but can be used with others.

How do I compile Hydrogen?

To compile Hydrogen make sure you have gcc and simply type make. This will compile the files and add the hydro binary to your /usr/bin directory. To test your freshly built version of Hydrogen, press type make test or hydro -R test.txt

What is the instruction set?

Take a look at opcodes.txt

Is it under a license?

Yup! Look at LICENSE

Is it finished?

No Way! There's always more to do! Look at docs/TODO.txt