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A cross-platform real-time event-driven "Operating System" for asynchronous applications.
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/* \mainpage ManuvrOS Documentation

NOTE This repo is an unmaintained fork.

It is being retained here for historical purposes. Please refer to the maintained version of this package.

A cross-platform real-time, event-driven "Operating System" for asynchronous applications. It was intended to make it easier to write asynchronous, cross-platform IoT applications. Despite the name, ManuvrOS was intended to abstract threading and platform-related differences, and can be used on top of another operating system (as is the case on linux).

    __  ___                             ____  _____
   /  |/  /___ _____  __  ___   _______/ __ \/ ___/
  / /|_/ / __ `/ __ \/ / / / | / / ___/ / / /\__ \  
 / /  / / /_/ / / / / /_/ /| |/ / /  / /_/ /___/ /  
/_/  /_/\__,_/_/ /_/\__,_/ |___/_/   \____//____/   


What is in this repository:

./doc: Location for generated documentation.

./lib: Third-party libraries required for a project.

./ManuvrOS: The ManuvrOS source code.

./tests: Automated tests.

./examples: Example projects.

./ A script to download dependencies.

Building the test-bench

The test-bench consists of these files. It was meant to run on linux with possible Raspberry Pi extensions. FirmwareDefs.h main.cpp Makefile

First, you may want to download the dependencies...
Vanilla linux build (no i2c, TTY, or GPIO):
The Raspi version of the test-bench:
You can also enable debugging features:
make DEBUG=1
The doc can be built with (requires doxygen be installed):
make docs
Automated tests:
make tests
Various example programs:
make examples

If you intend on using ManuvrOS in an Arduino-esque environment...

Arduino support has been shelved for the moment due to restrictions in their build system. It may make a re-appearance in the future.

High-level TODO list

General issues and support goals are being tracked in Trello.


Original code is Apache 2.0.

Code adapted from others' work inherits their license terms, which were preserved in the commentary where it applies.


The ASCII art in this file was generated by this most-excellent tool.

cbor-cpp was hard-forked into Manuvr to resolve a standard library inclusion.

pcg-c-basic was hard-forked into Manuvr to grease build system options.

Some of the drivers are adaptations from other's open code. This is noted in each specific class so derived.


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