Course notes for the first half of ECON-GA 1025 – Macroeconomic Theory I, Fall Semester 2018
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ECON-GA 1025 -- Macroeconomic Theory I

This is the public course page for the first half of ECON-GA 1025 – Macroeconomic Theory I

It will run over Sept 5 -- Oct 22 in the fall Semester of 2018

Course notes

(If you know how to use git then it might be best to clone the repo and then pull changes periodically. If not then just follow the instructions above.)

Other resources

Further reading

Recursive Macroeconomic Theory by Lars Ljungqvist and Thomas J. Sargent, MIT Press, fourth edition, 2018, chapters 1-7

Recursive Methods in Dynamic Economics by Nancy Stokey and Robert E. Lucas, Harvard University Press, 1989


See NYU Classes

Lecture slides