A terminal user interface programming library similar to graphical interfaces such as GTK and QT. (DEPRECATED, see https://github.com/jtdaugherty/brick)
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NOTE! This package has been deprecated in favor of brick:


Project homepage: http://jtdaugherty.github.com/vty-ui/

`vty-ui` is a high-level user interface library for applications
running in terminal emulators.  It provides similar functionality to
what you might expect from graphical toolkits like GTK and QT.

The best place to read about how to use `vty-ui` is the user manual,
found in the `doc` subdirectory.  You can find the manual
corresponding to the latest release on the project home page.  If you
need to build it by hand, install LaTeX, the enumitem.sty TeX style,
Pygments, and pdflatex, and run:

    $ cd doc
    $ make

The library provides comprehensive Haddock documentation in addition
to a collection of relatively comprehensive demonstration programs;
install with the "demos" flag to build them, and see their sources in