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[If you're looking for the Pony roguelike, go to novitiate.]


A graphical procedurally generated RPG inspired by Rogue and written in Rust.

This game is still in its early stages, but it is a complete game with increasing difficulty and new elements as you move deeper into the dungeon. Because everything is procedurally generated, it's a different game every time you play.

Acolyte Instructions

The object of the game is to find the Staff of Eternity.


NORMAL MODE (moving around map):  
  \<arrows\> - movement / attack  
  . - wait (turn passes without action)      
  a - F(A)ST MODE  
  c - (c)lose adacent door                   
  e - (e)nter staircase, town, etc.          
  f - (f)ire a missile (ranged weapon)       
  m - view (m)ap  
  q - (q)uit  
  r - (r)estart game  
  t - (t)ake item on tile  
  x - swap last weapon equipped  
  \<enter\> - inspect tile you're on  
  \<mouse\> - Click on a tile to view it.  
  (fast mode exits when you are next to something interesting)  
  \<arrows\> - rapid movement  
  . - rapid turn passing  
  \<any other key\> - return to NORMAL MODE  
  \<arrows\> - move through items  
  \<enter\> - equip/drink/use  
  d - (d)rop item  
  l - (l)ook at item  
  x - swap last weapon equipped  
  i/\<esc\> - return to NORMAL MODE  


Acolyte is available on OSX, Windows, and Linux (Ubuntu Bionic binary for the time being).

Go to and right click the latest release for your operating system. Click "Save Link As..." or something to that effect (depends on browser) and save the zipped release somewhere on your computer. Extract the files into a folder.


Open a Terminal, navigate to the folder where you put acolyte, and then run

chmod +x acolyte

If you don't want to run it through the terminal, right-click acolyte and click Open to start the game (double clicking will probably lead to a window saying you can't run the application).


Double-click acolyte.exe to start the game.


You might be able to double-click acolyte to start the game. Otherwise, open a Terminal, navigate to the folder where you put acolyte, and then run

chmod +x acolyte

Reporting Bugs

If you find a bug, please open an issue on this repository or e-mail me at jtfmumm{at}