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Serverless Twitter bot which tweets out goals from the 2018 FIFA World Cup
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World Cup 2018 Goal Bot - 🌍🏆⚽️🤖

Serverless Twitter bot which tweets out goals from the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Serverless application built using IBM Cloud Functions (Apache OpenWhisk).

Powers the WC2018 Goals Twitter account.

World Cup Goal Tweet


This project has two serverless functions goal_tracker and twitter.

goal_tracker is connected to an alarm trigger running every sixty seconds. It retrieves all goals for live matches using this API. If new goals are returned, it invokes the goal trigger with details.

twitter is connected to the goal trigger. It takes goal events and sends new tweets using the Twitter API.

Redis is used to cache goals previously seen by the goal_tracker function.


If you want to deploy this project you will need an instance of the Apache OpenWhisk platform, access to a Redis database and credentials for a Twitter application.


  • Install The Serverless Framework.

    npm install serverless
  • Clone Git repository.

    git clone
  • Install project dependencies.

    cd goalbot && npm install
  • Create authentication credential for Redis and Twitter in creds.json file.

      "redis": { 
        "host": "XXX",
        "port": "XXX",
        "password": "XXX"
      "twitter": {
        "consumer_key": "XXX",
        "consumer_secret": "XXX",
        "access_token_key": "XXX",
        "access_token_secret": "XXX"
  • Run the deploy command.

    serverless deploy
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