The Leek group guide to genomics papers
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The Leek group guide to genomics papers

When I was a student, my advisor John Storey made a list of papers for me to read on nights and weekends. That list was incredibly helpful for a couple of reasons.

  • It got me caught up on the field of computational genomics
  • It was expertly curated, so it filtered a lot of papers I didn't need to read
  • It gave me my first set of ideas to try to pursue as I was reading the papers

I have often thought I should make a similar list for folks who may want to work wtih me (or who want to learn about statistical genomics). So this is my attempt at that list. I've tried to separate the papers into categories and I've probably missed important papers. I'm happy to take suggestions for the list, but this is primarily designed for people in my group so I might be a little bit parsimonious.

Background on genomics

Background on RNA-seq

Background on Statistics

Background on software

Papers from the Leek group you should read

Obviously all of them

A partial set of papers to round out your knowledge