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Download a stable jTorchat Version:


Accessible to All. Alive and connected to All. Transparent to All.
How we keep to these philosophy

Accessible to All =                
	Writing it in java allows for easy 
	portability of code between platforms, 
	perhaps even in android phones.

Alive and connected to All = 
	Broadcast feature, and eventually group chat, 
	will provide talkers the ability 
	to interact as a group, or as a public mass.

Transparent to All =              
	All jtorchat will come with the source, 
	thus increasing transparency and thus security. 

Features from python Torchat

    Basic Messaging to Torchat users - Done
    Popup Alerts - Done
    Time Stamp - Done
    file transfer - Done
    Minimize to tray - Done (not under Gnome3 because java)

Features extended beyond python Torchat

    Auto buddy request - done - Helps newcomers find people to talk to
    Interface to existing installed tor via GUI - done
    BuddySync - allows a group to always keep their buddies in sync over tor.
    FileSharing - allows for calling and downloading files off online buddies. 
    PageSystem - allows to set automatic answers for specified commands.