Nuitka-GUI the Python 3 Binary machine code Compiler and Node Inspector
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Nuitka-GUI the Python 3 Code Translator, Binary Compiler and Bundler.


  • Python 3 + Qt 5, single-file, easy use, GUI for Nuitka Compiler point'n'click.
  • Pretty Colors for Logs and Standard Output and Log File on Temporary Folder.
  • Set its own Process name and show up on Process lists.
  • Updater Async Downloader with full Unicode support and download info.
  • 2 UX modes, Simple (ala Elementary) or Full (ala KDE)

Try it !:

wget -O - | python3

Install Nuitka-GUI permanently on the system:

sudo wget -O /usr/bin/nuitka-gui
sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/nuitka-gui


Help instructions:

  • The GUI is designed to copy the same behaviour and names of the CLI command parameters so the Doc fit both.