Data analysis about GW2's PvP matches. The analysis focuses on map usage, final scores of the matches and team composition. Done in R.
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PvP in Guild Wars 2: A data analysis


The game Guild Wars 2, release on 2012, introduces a player versus player (PvP) game mode called Conquest. In Conquest, there are two teams made of five players, and the main objective is to seize capture points to increase your team score (the more points you have, the faster the score increases); other ways to increase the score if by killing players of the opposing team, non-player characters (NPC) or by getting special bonuses.

This work is a data analysis done on a dataset made of 119 Conquest matches. In the analysis we will take a look at several factors regarding a Conquest match, such as the map where the match was played, the final score of both teams, the result of the match and the composition of the teams.

The analysis was done using R.

Link to the report: PvP in Guild Wars 2: A data analysis

GitHub page about the project: PvP in Guild Wars 2: A data analysis - home page


This repository contains the Markdown file that holds the analysis plus the R code, an R script with just the code, the original dataset used (in CSV), a codebook with some information about the datasets and the HTML version of the report.