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emoji-data-css uses emoji-data spritesheets to generate css files.


npm install emoji-data-css


Choose the emoji set

  • Apple (ap)
  • Google (gl)
  • Twitter (tw)
  • Emoji One (eo)

Choose the size (16, 20, 32, 64, all) and link in your html

<link href="path/to/emoji-data-css/files/eo-32-emoji.css" media="all" rel="stylesheet" />  
<!-- this links to "emoji one" 32x32 css -->

Now you can add emoji classes in your code

<div class="ap ap-smile"></div> <!-- apple smile emoji -->
<div class="gl gl-smile"></div> <!-- google smile emoji -->
<div class="tw tw-smile"></div> <!-- twitter smile emoji -->
<div class="eo eo-smile"></div> <!-- emoji one smile emoji -->

emoji screenshot

If you selected all the sizes file

<div class="ap-32 ap-smile"></div> <!-- apple 32x32 smile emoji in ap-all-emoji.css -->
<div class="gl-64 gl-smile"></div> <!-- google 64x64 smile emoji in gl-all-emoji.css  -->
<div class="tw-16 tw-smile"></div> <!-- twitter 16x16 smile emoji in tw-all-emoji.css -->
<div class="eo-20 eo-smile"></div> <!-- emoji one 20x20 smile emoji in eo-all-emoji.css  -->

full emoji list names

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