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Wedding Tables Planner web

You can try Wedding Tables Planner online at OpenShift.

This is a small web application which you can use to arrange your guests. You can set "known", "loved" and "hated" relationships, the number and size of the tables, and the planner will arrange loving guests together, hated at different tables, and will try to keep known people as together as possible, minimizing the number of tables.

You can get the core if you're interested in OptaPlanner and want to get rid of the web layer.

The site is based on Play+AngularJS+RequireJS Scala Activator template, so you might find some boilerplate example code.

Trying It Out yourself

## OpenShift deployment

This is a Play app, ready to run in a DIY OpenShift Cartridge. It will install JDK 8 at first start.

Create an account at OpenShift.

Create a DIY app:

rhc app-create weddingtablesplanner diy-0.1 --from-code git://

You can then use your app at . First boot might take some minutes, since it has to download and install JDK8.