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Ansible BigBlueButton Installation Role

Ansible role to install BigBlueButton web conferencing platform with SSL support out of the box using LetsEncrypt.

The role follows BigBlueButton official installation instructions.

Forked from softwaremill/ansible-bigbluebutton, as it seems abandoned. Itr has the following additional features:


  • Installs latest stable version (currently 1.1).
  • Installation behind a firewall (NAT setup support)
  • Automatic SSL configuration using LetsEncrypt certificates using thefinn93/ansible-letsencrypt role.
  • Optionally installs the demo and check packages.

Supported Platforms

As this role follows the official installation instructions, the supported OS version is the one specified there: Ubuntu (16.04 for the current bbb version).

Requires Ansible >= 2.4.0


To get up BigBlueButton up and running the following variables can be configured:

  • bbb_server_name: Set the FQDN hosntame that points to the server where BigBlueButton is going to be installed. This is the only mandatory value, the playbook will fail if this variable is not defined.
  • bbb_configure_nat: Configure NAT support for servers behind a firewall (Default: False).
  • bbb_configure_ssl: Configure SSL support using LetsEncrypt certificates (Default: False).
  • bbb_ssl_email: Set LetsEncrypt authorization email address.
  • bbb_install_demo: Install the bbb-demo package, useful to easily test the new installation is working (Default: False).
  • bbb_install_check: Install the bbb-check package, useful to debug the new installation if having issues (Default: False).

To test out BigBlueButton 2.0 beta you could change the repo URL to this one (it whould work):

Example Playbook

- hosts: bbb
  remote_user: ansible
  become: True
  become_user: root
  become_method: sudo
  gather_facts: True
    - role: ansible-bigbluebutton
      bbb_configure_nat: True
      bbb_install_demo: True
      bbb_install_check: True
      bbb_configure_ssl: True