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open source contributions lister

This program lists your open source contributions. They get printed on your terminal when running the program. Additionally an HTML page gets created. There are some templates in the templates directory. Feel free to add your own and create a pull request to this repository.

Sometimes upstream repositories disappear. And with it your contributions. Initially I wrote this program as a way to back up all the repositories I contributed to and get a list of my contributions. Either because I was proud of them, or because I might wanted to look at them again. In any case, I just like backups. From there the program grew, to create a small overview in HTML format so you could show the projects you contribute to to others.

Please read to learn more about what is tracked and how to interpret the information.


You need to create a json file containing your open source contributions. The format is pretty easy. It is best to create an example configuration file and adapt it.

Create an example json configuration and adapt the example to your needs:

gontributions exconf > example_conf.json
vi example_conf.json

Get an overview of your open source contributions:

gontributions --config example_conf.json
xdg-open output.html

Choose another template for your overview

gontributions --config gontrib.json --template detailed --output another.html
xdg-open another.html

If you don't specify a configuration file it will automatically look for gontrib.json.

There are three built-in templates:

  • default
  • detailed
  • fancy

If no template is defined it will use the built-in default template.

The user can create his own templates and specify them via --template. Like --template mine.html. If the specified template contains no dot, gontributions will look in its built-in templates. If it contains dots it is treated as a path for a user created template.


Please read the file for more hints on how to use gontributions.


Search for commits in:

  • Git

  • Subversion

  • Mercurial

  • Bazaar

  • Open Build Service

  • support to count Wiki edits

  • count Debian Testing changelog entries


  • project name
  • description
  • project URL
  • number of commits/contributions


There are some features that would be nice to have, but I don't need them myself. I created issues about them. Feel free to work on them or implement your own ideas.

You might want to read


Does it have to be Open Source?

You could also add private repositories and just publish the finished report. No one will learn about the location of the repos, your precious commits or your username. Still you would have a nice overview of what you did.

Furthermore: if someone deletes a repository you contributed to, you still have your local copy if you use gontributions which will count into your contributions report. If we would just query some remote server you don't have any control over it. When it's deleted it's just gone. And your work lost.

But there is 'GitHub Contributions'!

Right. There is. But:

  • It only displays contributions in a certain timeframe, you have no control over it.
  • It works only for GitHub. What about your contributions hosted at GitLab, BitBucket or on sourceforge?
  • What about your non-git Contributions? Like wiki edits, subversion commits etc.

But there is Ohloh/Open Hub!

Right. There is. But:

  • The service hangs often so you need to ping admins to restart the scanning tool.
  • You rely on a service you don't have much control over
  • See about deleted repos above.

What else is cool about it?

Quite a few people use their personal website as their resume.
With this tool you can add an overview of the work you did and you can adjust the look and feel to the rest of your website. If you rely on Open Hub it will always look like Open Hub, if you create your own template for gontributions your report has totally your touch.

Can I see such a report please?

Glad you ask. Of course you can!
Take a look at mine.


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