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What is Gradle?

Gradle is a general purpose Java build tool. Built on Groovy language but its also used for Java projects. You write build using Domain-Specific Language (DSL).

What is Visage?

Visage is a domain specific language (DSL) designed for the express purpose of writing user interfaces.

What is visage-gradle-plugin?

This project is a Gradle plugin for Visage language. Using this plugin you can build and run Visage projects.


This project is currently under development.

Add following code snippet in your build.gradle and you are all set!

 buildscript {
      repositories {
           repositories {	mavenRepo url: "" } 
      dependencies {	
           classpath 'visage:visage-gradle-plugin:0.1' }

 apply plugin: 'visage'
apply plugin: 'visage-template'  

Put all your visage files at src/main/visage folder

visage-template - In future this command will be placed in Project Gradle Template


createVisgeProject - Creates a new visge project by asking details of project, group name and version. compileVisage - Compile all Visage files. runVisage - runs the calss assigned to visageMainClass variable.


Before you use this plugin you need following in your syste:

  • JDK 1.6+
  • Gradle - If you dont have just run gradlew
  • Visage Compiler -
  • VisageFX.jar - You need to build from source to create the jar
  • JavaFX 2

Before you start using the plugin make sure you have installed Visage Compiler to your system and set the VISAGE_HOME.