A Google Chrome Inspector extension for Ember developers
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Ember Inspector

Ember Inspector is a Google Chrome Inspector extension for Ember developers. It displays a sidebar panel in the Inspector which provides information about the Ember view backing the currently selected element in the DOM. It also assigns the view object to a global variable _V which can then be used within the console for further inspecting.

How to use it

  • In Google Chrome, go to chrome://flags/ and enable Experimental Extension APIs. Relaunch your browser.
  • Open Tools-->Extensions (ensure Development mode is checked) and click on "Load unpacked extension..." to install the extension. You will need to reload Chrome once the extension is installed.

Wish list

  • Customizable property watchlist
  • Configurable global variable (change default _V to something else)
  • Display clickable parentView and childViews

Release Notes


  • Display the first ancestor backed by an Ember view if the selected element does not have one.
  • When displaying an ancestor, the attribute "distance" shows the number of DOM levels it is away from the selected element.