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Zendesk - Atlassian Crowd JSP (Java Server Pages) integration script

Copyright 2011 Juha Palomäki, juhap iki fi, http://juhap.iki.fi/

This script allows users to logon to Zendesk with Atlassian Crowd authentication. Script is implemented as "pure JSP" solution to make installation as easy and flexible as possible.

NOTE: No warranties of any kind. Please read and understand the code before you take this into use. Errors in this script may for example expose your Zendesk account to unauthorized access.


  • Create the folder structure in your app servers (for example Tomcat) deploy directory and copy files to appropriate plases:

zendesk-crowd | +------- WEB-INF | +------ web.xml | +------ classes | | +---- crowd-ehcache.xml | | +---- crowd.properties (these come from your crowd installation) | +------ lib | +------ crowd-integration-client-x.x.x.jar | +------ (and other libs the crowd-integration-client depends on) +------- login.jsp +------- logout.jsp