Tabbed terminal for Cygwin based on mintty
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FaTTY is the Cygwin Terminal emulator with tabs. It is useful for Windows and Cygwin users who want powerful terminal.

FaTTY is based on mintty. The main difference to mintty is that you can run multiple session in single window using tabs.

  • Most features from mintty should work
  • To create new tab, press ctrl-shift-T
  • ctrl-shift-W closes the tab
  • To change active tab, click it with mouse or press shift-(left arrow|right arrow)
  • To move tab, press ctrl-shift-(arrow direction)

If you find bugs (there are probably many), you may report them on Github or send pull requests


To install, run cygwin setup*.exe and have at least following packages marked for install:

  • gcc-g++
  • make
  • w32api-headers
  • git

Then, in Cygwin terminal run following commands:

git clone
cd fatty
cp src/fatty.exe /bin

You can then try running it by typing fatty

Then you probably want to create shortcut to your Windows desktop to run fatty. After that, you have decent terminal with tabs for your Cygwin!

To spawn a new tab, for example in a desktop shortcut, use fatty -b "source $HOME/.bashrc; uname -a; exec bash". You can spawn multiple tabs by providing -b option multiple times (fatty -b "commands for tab 1" -b "commands for tab 2" ...). Always execute bash (or other shell of your choice).

You might also want to remove the line cd "${HOME}" from /etc/profile (if there are such line) if you want your new tabs to open same directory as your current tab.