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This is a mod for World of Tanks to make development easier. When installed, it spawns server thread in background that listens for local TCP connection to provide REPL interface to BigWorld engine. This might be useful for trying how things work in BigWorld engine before you implement the functionality in a mod.

Getting started

Step 1: Setup server

If you have XVM installed, you only need to execute steps below. If not, see the note below.

You need to have required .pyc files in res_mods/mods/packages/wot-debugserver/python/ -folder. Compile all .py files using build.cmd script and copy resulting files to that folder.

If you have Cygwin and git and python2.7 installed (or are using Linux or some other environment where you have bash and git), you can use following commands:

cd /path/to/World_of_Tanks/
cd res_mods/mods/packages
# I clone to replserver because it sounds nicer than wot-debugserver
git clone replserver
cd replserver
python -m compileall .

NOTE: If you don't have XVM installed, you need to use the mod loader that is included in this repository. It loads modules that are in res_mods/mods/packages/*/python folders, similar to what XVM does. To install it, simply run script under the loader folder (in the bash shell), or manually compile the file and copy the .pyc into res_mods/[wot version]/scripts/client/gui/mods/ folder.

Step 2: Start game

Start the game. Hopefully the server starts

Step 3: Connect to the console

Two ways to connect: Using raw TCP-client or using

You can connect to the server using basic TCP connection. You can use for example netcat or PuTTY (with raw-mode) to start the connection. Use localhost as host and port 2222 for the connection. I think standard telnet client also works for this

If you want autocomplete -feature (who doesn't?), then you should instead use that comes with this mod. But before you start, you should get readline module working with Python. In Windows, easiest way to do this is install Cygwin (install at least python package). If you use a good OS, like Linux, then you don't need to install anything (if using any sensible distribution...)

To use, just run python and it should automatically connect. If not, then the server mod did not start for some reason.

Example usage

Best way to try this is to start some replay and try different things when the game is running

> 'hello'
> import messenger
> gui = messenger.MessengerEntry.g_instance.gui
> gui.addClientMessage('hello gui', True) # try this when in battle
> import BigWorld
> BigWorld.player().name # displays player nickname


  • To execute python code, just type it in the console
  • If you type an expression, the evaluated result will get printed
  • To echo something to client, use echo function that is visible to REPL
  • If you use print to write something to STDOUT, it is written to python.log-file
  • To stop the server, type QUIT
  • If you have problems, see what's in python.log file that's created in WOT directory


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