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Juji, Inc.

Juji enables businesses to build the best AI solutions to gain cognitive intelligence insights.


  1. datalevin datalevin Public

    A simple, fast and versatile Datalog database

    Clojure 1.1k 59

  2. editscript editscript Public

    A library to diff and patch Clojure/ClojureScript data structures

    Clojure 460 22

  3. cli-client cli-client Public

    Simple command line client for Juji platform

    JavaScript 7

  4. docs docs Public

    The source of Juji documentation

    HTML 6 3

  5. symspell-clj symspell-clj Public

    SymSpell spell checker in Clojure

    Java 21 1

  6. juji-python-client juji-python-client Public

    Simple Python client for Juji

    Jupyter Notebook 1


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