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## Description of change

This PR is part of the work for enabling charms to open/close ports for particular application endpoints. The PR bumps the uniter API (to version 17) and introduces the following changes:
- The port range payload for the `CommitHookChanges` API has been augmented with an `Endpoint` field which allows clients to open ports for specific (or **all** if an empty endpoint is passed) application endpoints.
- Adds the `OpenedMachinePortRanges` API method which supersedes the `AllPorts` methods and returns the open machine port ranges grouped by unit and by application endpoint.

Note: as far as the `CommitHookChanges` payload changes are concerned, the change is backwards-compatible with pre-2.9 clients as the `Endpoint` field will be empty and thus the pre-2.9 behavior where open/close ports apply to all subnets (and by extension application endpoints) is preserved.

The following PRs will begin tweaking the uniter worker bits to use the new API methods.

## QA steps

Not needed; new API methods are not currently used.


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