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Ernest is a really minimal blog theme for hugo.

Getting Started

Clone this repository to your hugo theme directory.

mkdir themes
cd themes
git clone

Differences from Hemingway

  • Support for highlight.js has been removed
  • Support for commenting using mastodon has been added. Just configure your user in the config.toml, put a config.php in the right spot (see static/mastodon/), and then post a toot with a link to your blog entry, and replies to it will be embedded on the page.
  • XHTML-conform output with head and body elements
  • Support for the list.html template
  • In social stuff, fa_icon now needs proper fab or fa attributes


Take a look in the exampleSite folder.

This directory contains an example config file and the content for the demo. It serves as an example setup for your documentation.

Copy the config.toml in the root directory of your website. Overwrite the existing config file if necessary.


baseurl = ""
languageCode = "en"
title = "Ernest"
theme = "ernest"
copyright = "&copy;  <a href=\"\">Asuka Suzuki</a> 2016, <a href=\"\">Julian Andres Klode</a> 2018"
disqusShortname = "shortname"
googleAnalytics = ""
pygmentsCodeFences = true

mastodonUser = "juliank"

url = ""
fa_icon = "fab fa-github"

url = ""
fa_icon = "fab fa-twitter"

url = "/index.xml"
fa_icon = "fa fa-rss"


hugo server

You can go to localhost:1313 and this theme should be visible.


Ernest is licensed under the MIT License. Server-side scripts for Mastodon integration are AGPL. Vendorized code has its own license, please look in there.


Asuka Suzuki