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#-*- coding:utf-8 -*-
import random
import operator
from data_manager import *
Do the separation into k-folds
__author__ = 'Juliana Medeiros de Lucena (jml) and Tiago Ferreira Lima (tfl2)'
def k_fold(path, k):
folds = [open('sub_training_%i' % i, 'w') for i in range(0, k) ]
insts = open(path).readlines()
while len(insts) != 0:
for fold in folds:
if len(insts) != 0:
fold.write(insts.pop(random.randint(0, len(insts) - 1)))
def stratified_k_fold(path, k):
insts = get_data(path)
folds = [dict.fromkeys(insts.keys()) for i in range(0, k)]
# Initializing because fromkeys() uses the reference
for fold in folds:
for klass in fold.keys():
fold[klass] = []
qtt_per_klass = map(len, [insts[klass] for klass in insts.keys()])
qtt_per_fold = map(operator.idiv, qtt_per_klass, [k] * len(qtt_per_klass))
qtt_leftover = map(operator.mod, qtt_per_klass, [k] * len(qtt_per_klass))
# Distributing instances to folds
klass_qtt_per_fold = dict(zip(insts.keys(), qtt_per_fold))
for fold in folds:
for (k, q) in klass_qtt_per_fold.items():
for i in range(0, q):
fold[k].append(insts[k].pop(random.randint(0, len(insts[k]) - 1)))
# Distributing leftover instances to folds (inexact division)
klass_qtt_leftover = dict(zip(insts.keys(), qtt_leftover))
for (k, q) in klass_qtt_leftover.items():
for i in range(0, q):
f = sorted(folds, key=lambda fold: len(fold[k]))[0]
f[k].append(insts[k].pop(random.randint(0, len(insts[k]) - 1)))
# Printing just to be sure that all instances were used
print insts
for fold in folds:
push_data(fold, 'sub_training_%i' % folds.index(fold))
if __name__ == '__main__':
#k_fold('datasets/liver/', 5)
stratified_k_fold('datasets/ionosphere/', 5)
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