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Doge Chef Formatter

So resource. Much converge. Wow.

[much resources. wow]


Install the gem:

gem install doge-chef-formatter

If you are using Omnibus Chef you need to specify the full path to the gem binary:

/opt/chef/embedded/bin/gem install doge-chef-formatter

Or write a cookbook to install it using the chef_gem resource, if that's how you roll.

Then add the following to your /etc/chef/client.rb file:

gem 'doge-chef-formatter'
require 'doge-chef-formatter'

This enables the formatter, but doesn't use it by default. To see Shibu in all his glory, run:

chef-client -Fdoge -lfatal


  • Andrea Campi (@andreacampi) for the nyan-cat-chef-formatter that was the original inspiration
  • Michael Ducy for daring me to write this
  • Jon Cowie (@jonlives) for his presentation on the event dispatch system

License and Authors

Author:: Julian C. Dunn ( License:: Apache 2.0