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A whois module for Node that supports multiple TLDs
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A WHOIS module for Node.js written in CoffeeScript. WhoisJS is able to perform lookups on over 200 TLDs.


This library has been tested with Node.JS v0.4.12 and v0.10.26

How to Install

$ npm install whoisjs

How to Use

  Whoisjs = require('whoisjs').whois

  who = new Whoisjs()
  domain = ""

  who.query domain, (response) ->
    state = "available" if response.available()
    state = "unavailable" if response.unavailable()
    state = "timeout" if response.timeout()
    state = "error" if response.error()
    state ||= "unknown"
    callback(domain, state);

How to debug

Show me the whois response already!

From the above, response.raw contains the response data from the Whois server. console.log it, and see what's happening.

The lib/whois/server/adapters files describe how the response is interpreted via the positive(), negative(), and error() functions. If you notice the responses aren't being registered correctly, please file an issue or send a pull request, and it'll get fixed up!


WhoisJS is released under the MIT license.


WhoisJS is inspired by Ruby Whois


Julian Giuca.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, tips, or suggestions.

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