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Bato is a featherweight blog engine for the Alpha-Geek

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Totoro is a featherweight blog engine for the Alpha-Geek.


  • RSS feed
  • All the posts are stored on the file system, in Markdown, Textile or HTML
  • Simple file-based caching of pages
  • Disqus comments are supported in the default theme
  • Themeable (includes a simple default theme)
  • The markdown pages that are in pages/<name-of-page>.md are accessible from /name-of-page


  1. copy the content of this repository into your document root folder
  2. modify the content of config.php to suit your needs (author_name, base_url, title, description, etc).
  3. remove demo posts in posts/, and write your own first post. Don't forget to add a title in the first line of your post. You'll also need to name your file using this format: "<YYYY-MM-DD>-<post-slug>.<format>"
  4. make the cache directory writable: chmod a+w cache/
  5. (optional) if you wish to have Disqus comments, first create an account on Then paste the 'disqus_shortname' in your config.php.

Notes for deployment

If you're using TOTORO_ENV in your config.php to detect the current environment, you might want to set the environment in your .htaccess file, like this:

SetEnv TOTORO_ENV production

Notes for development

When you're developing your blog locally, you shouldn't need to set the TOTORO_ENV environment variable.

Also note that Totoro only serve the cached versions of pages/posts when TOTORO_ENV is set to 'production'. With any other value, the cache will be refreshed on each requests.


Totoro is inspired by Toto. Give it a shot, it's pretty cool.



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