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Based on the following article from Oleg Kiselyov: Effects Without Monads: Non-determinism — Back to the Meta Language. See also

The paper does not really present a novel way to deal with effects, but uses this problem as a starting point to discuss how to apply embedded DSLs to this problem. It claims that the monadic interface is not only useless but even harmful because supporting it reduces the space of possible effect interpreters. This is illustrated with two particular interpreters: performing a static analysis of expressions without evaluating them (abstract interpretation), and generating (possibly more efficient) code from expressions.

The paper uses MetaOCaml to implement these ideas. My goal was to see how this code would translate to idiomatic Scala 3 code, using enums, parameterized traits, extension methods, and staging (for run-time code generation).

The project is written as a single literate program.

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