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This project is no longer maintained. It was written during darker days of the web, when handling the issues that prompted it's existence was very time consuming. Refer to client-side techniques for graceful degradation.


rack-noie is the coolest rack middleware ever created. And it is so because it does everyone a favor: it shows the way out of your website to poor souls out there using Internet Explorer 6.


Add to your Gemfile

gem "rack-noie", :require => "noie"

Rails Usage

Add to your config/application.rb

config.middleware.use Rack::NoIE

By default, this will redirect IE6 (and below) to MS's upgrade site

No IE-8

For an updated slant (only let IE9 in):

config.middleware.use Rack::NoIE, {:redirect => "", 
                                   :minimum => 9}


config.middleware.use Rack::NoIE, {:redirect => "/why-i-dont-support-ie.html", 
                                   :minimum => 29}

Rack / Sinatra usage

use Rack::NoIE, :redirect => '/noieplease.html'

the above will redirect to a page noieplease.html in your website. You can redirect to a URL as well, like so

use Rack::NoIE, :redirect => ''

or let the default kick in

use Rack::NoIE


I'm a nice guy. I'm so nice that the default URL points to Microsoft's IE8 upgrade page.


MIT, as usual.