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Simple C program to allocate memory from the command line. Useful to test programs or systems under high memory usage conditions
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1. Introduction

Simple utility to allocate memory on a computer

2. What can I use this for?

  • Test swap
  • Test behaviors on a machine when there is little memory available

3. Installation

Compile from sources

cd /tmp
git clone
cd eatmemory
sudo make install

MacOS Homebrew

brew tap julman99/toolbox
brew install eatmemory

Using Docker

See section 5

4. Running

eatmemory <size>

Size is in number of bytes, megabytes or gigabytes.


eatmemory 1024
eatmemory 10M
eatmemory 4G

5. Docker image

Running a container to eat 128MB:

eatmemory is available in Dockerhub, so you can just run it without going through the build process

$ docker run -d --rm --name hungry_container julman99/eatmemory 128M

Check the memory consumption of the container:

$ docker stats --no-stream=true hungry_container
CONTAINER           CPU %               MEM USAGE / LIMIT       MEM %               NET I/O             BLOCK I/O             PIDS
hungry_container    0.00%               133.9 MiB / 3.651 GiB   3.58%               2.01 kB / 1.08 kB   1.217 MB / 3.265 MB   4

Building the container

You need at least Docker 17.05 to use the multi-stage build feature

$ docker build . -t eatmemory

6. Support this project

Bitcoin Address: 14LFRrMX3HmyAH9zQsnzYoVKDH6bVWiBu3

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