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YAR Home Assistant Configuration

The YAnev Residence (YAR) configuration for Home Assistant

YAR Home Assistant UI

Device / Sensor list:


  • LUX based switching on and off of lights
  • Time based weekday switching off of house
  • Weekday morning coffee automatic preparation
  • Switch on devices on arrival at home
  • More coming soon...
  • ...


  • Wall mounted android device

unlocks with a wave gesture, displays Home Assistant UI

  • iPad

iOS Home Assistant app

  • iPhone, Google Nexus 6P

personal use

  • Amazon Echo

Alexa has complete access over the entire set of devices and sensors through an Emulated Hue component in Home Assistant.

  • Google Home

Currently Google Assistant's implementation relies entirely on IFTTT hooks to Home Assistant through the IFTTT Maker channel, which is less than optimal, but will hopefully change in the near future. Supports lights, accents, scenes, etc.

Working on / Coming soon:

  • Waterproof soil moisture sensors on a NodeMCU with a battery
  • Ceiling led lighting with and without ws2812b strips
  • Scene switcher with a numeric keypad
  • Make the ISS paper model move with servos and fishing cord
  • Paint, hang and make planets (Mars, Jupiter, Pluto) and moons (Europa, Enceladus, Titan) styrofoam models move with servos
  • Window blinds
  • More coming soon...

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