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@junegunn junegunn released this 11 Nov 16:00
· 11 commits to master since this release

Putting it all together..

# With and
label1=$(curl -s | lolcat -f)
label2=$(curl -s | lolcat -f)

# Using colors from 'cosmic_latte'
# (See
fzf --border=double \
    --border-label="${label1}" --border-label-pos=-3,bottom \
    --color=bg+:#2b3740,bg:#202a31,spinner:#7d9761,hl:#898f9e,fg:#abb0c0,header:#898f9e,info:#459d90 \
    --color=pointer:#7d9761,marker:#7d9761,fg+:#abb0c0,prompt:#7d9761,hl+:#7d9761,border:#2b3740,label:#2b3740 \
    --preview='lolcat -f {}' --preview-label="${label2}" \
    --preview-window=top,border-bold \
    --separator=$(lolcat -f -F 1.4 <<< ╸╸╸╸╸╸╸╸╸╸╸╸╸╸)


  • Added start event that is triggered only once when fzf finder starts. Since fzf consumes the input stream asynchronously, the input list is not available unless you use --sync.
    seq 100 | fzf --multi --sync --bind 'start:last+select-all+preview(echo welcome)'
  • Added --border-label and --border-label-pos for putting label on the border
    # ANSI color codes are supported
    # (with
    label=$(curl -s | lolcat -f)
    # Border label at the center
    fzf --height=10 --border --border-label="$label" --color=label:italic:black
    # Left-aligned (positive integer)
    fzf --height=10 --border --border-label="$label" --border-label-pos=3 --color=label:italic:black
    # Right-aligned (negative integer) on the bottom line (:bottom)
    fzf --height=10 --border --border-label="$label" --border-label-pos=-3:bottom --color=label:italic:black
  • Also added --preview-label and --preview-label-pos for the border of the preview window
    fzf --preview 'cat {}' --border --preview-label=' Preview ' --preview-label-pos=2
  • Info panel (match counter) will be followed by a horizontal separator by default
    • Use --no-separator or --separator='' to hide the separator
    • You can specify an arbitrary string that is repeated to form the horizontal separator. e.g. --separator=╸
    • The color of the separator can be customized via --color=separator:...
    • ANSI color codes are also supported
    fzf --separator=╸ --color=separator:green
    fzf --separator=$(lolcat -f -F 1.4 <<< ▁▁▂▃▄▅▆▆▅▄▃▂▁▁) --info=inline
  • Added --border=bold and --border=double along with --preview-window=border-bold and --preview-window=border-double