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Every annual tax report I always forgot the percentage norma value to calculate my netto from bruto income. I usually google it and download a pdf file. Then from there I'll just search and find my work category manually. This is somehow frustating because searching for a keyword in pdf file make you jump from page to page until you find what you're looking for. That's why I create this tool to filter based on search keyword.


This tool is created to make lookup Norma Perhitungan Penghasilan Netto easier. This netto value is used for annual tax reporting. Very useful for self-employed, freelancer, and sole-enterpreneur working in Indonesia.

Data extraction

The data is extracted from PER-17/PJ/2015 pdf file. We extract the tables using Tabula and generate csv file from it.

We cleanup the csv file first by removing description rows (all rows with empty no column) to make the file slimmer. This is done by using sed command like this:

$ sed '/^"",/ d' < norma-tabula.csv > norma.csv

Then we add column names at the first row: "no", "klu", "uraian", "ibukota_10", "ibukota_lain", "daerah_lain".

After that, the csv file is transformed to json by using csv2json by executing this command:

$ csv2json norma.csv norma.json

Finally, the json data is ready to be displayed and filtered by datatables plugin on web page.

Please Note that some rows are missing because tabula can't extract all data from pdf tables properly. That's why several rows need to be inserted manually.


The license is Public Domain. Do whatever you want for personal or commercial purpose, with or without attribution.

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