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Kitty Jungle

A game for making cat friends in the kitty jungle (HTML, CSS, JS)

Kitty Jungle


In the Kitty Jungle, the player encounters new feral cats, and befriends them with careful pets. At any time, the player can click on the cat to pet the cat, or click on the arrow button in the lower-right corner in order to meet the next cat.

The object of the game is to gain cat friends! You make a new cat friend by petting each cat. When the cat has received enough loving pets, the game will alert you that you have a new cat friend, and you will receive a special badge in the upper-right corner of the screen. If you choose to move to the next level before the cat has received enough pets, you will not win the level or get a badge.

But be careful! After you make a new cat friend and receive a special badge, if you continue petting your new cat friend instead of moving on to the next level, the cat will become overstimulated and attack! If this happens, you have lost the game. But you can always try again!


Kitty Jungle Wireframes.


Kitty Jungle Landing Page Level 1 Level 1 Friend Nofication Level 2 Level 3 with Heart Animation Winning Screen Losing Screen About Rules


Kitty Jungle has three levels.

  1. Meet 1 cat.
  2. Meet 2 cats.
  3. Meet 3 kittens!

If you win level 3, all of your cat friends will come out to play!


Kitty Jungle is built using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.


Kitty Jungle is a real place! In the summer of 2015, I lived in an ill-maintained apartment building in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. From my second-floor fire escape, I would spend whole afternoons watching the interactions and iterations of a huge feral colony living in the wildly overgrown backyard below. Despite weeds that grew taller than me in some places, there were still enough clear patches to watch batches of spring kittens learning to play, turf-wars between the alpha male and challenging interlopers, and everyday life. My friends and I called it "Kitty Jungle," and wove tales of high melodrama to narrate the little society below.

Additional Information

Kitty Jungle is best played on a computer. A future project will be to make a mobile-friendly version of the game.

This game was created as a project for the General Assembly Web Development Immersive. I am thankful to my instructors and classmates for their assistance during development.


A game for making cat friends in the kitty jungle (HTML, CSS, JS)






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