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Vagrant Node.js + MongoDB + Cloud9 IDE Setup

Vagrant files to build Node.js box with MongoDB and Cloud9 IDE on Precise32 box based.


Clone this repository

git clone

Install Vagrant from

Type vagrant command to setup vagrant box

$ vagrant up

NOTE: This command will downloads all the necessary files to build vagrant nodejs box. It will take quite long time so it really depends on your computer speed and internet connectivity.



To access vagrant box via ssh from host computer

$ vagrant ssh

and if everything good there will be welcome screen like this one

Welcome to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.2.0-23-generic-pae i686)

System Info
Node v0.10.24

MongoDB db version v2.0.4, pdfile version 4.5
Wed Jan  1 04:55:33 git version: nogitversion

MongoDB shell version: 2.0.4


 * Documentation:
Welcome to your Vagrant-built virtual machine.
Last login: Wed Jan  1 04:54:56 2014 from



Database access from host computer

$ mongo -p 27117

####Web Application

To access web application from browser


There some ways to develop nodejs application from host computer.

Cloud9 IDE

Vagrant nodejs have web editor from Cloud9. To access it


Cloud9 IDE Screenhost

Shared Folder

The default shared folder host computer with vagrant nodejs box is


relative to vagrant nodejs directory.

You can set the default folder to anything folder by setting vagrant file key

config.vm.synced_folder "../sync/www", "/home/vagrant/www", create: true




NOTE: This process automatically running by script so you don't need to do this manually.

Create service file for Node Forever

$ chmod 755 /etc/init.d/nodejs

$ chmod 755 /etc/init.d/cloud9

Run forever at startup

to enable at startup

$ update-rc.d nodejs defaults

$ update-rc.d cloud9 defaults

to remove from startup

$ update-rc.d nodejs remove

$ update-rc.d cloud9 remove

Port Forwading

Node.js app port forwading 80 to 8085

Mongodb port forwading 27017 to 27117

Cloud9 IDE forwarding default 3131 to 3131

Setup MongoDB

edit /etc/mongodb.conf

bind_ip =

restart mongodb

sudo /etc/init.d/mongodb restart

Change Welcome Screen

$ sudo vim /etc/update-motd.d/00-header