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Project Jupyter Governance

The purpose of this repository is to formalize the governance process that the IPython/Jupyter project has used informally since its inception in 2001. This document clarifies how decisions are made and how the various elements of our community interact, including the relationship between open source collaborative development and work that may be funded by for-profit or non-profit entities.

The governance documents are best-viewed at

Note: Currently (as of late 2022), Jupyter's governance is undergoing a transition to a new model described in the "Future Governance" section. A high-level overview can be found here.

Table of Contents

License of Governance Documents

See the governance introduction for license information.

Jupyter organizations

The following organizations on GitHub contain Project Jupyter repos:

Infrastructure for this repository

The content in this repository is hosted online with github-pages, and the HTML files are built with jupyter-book. To build and preview these documents locally, install the latest version of Jupyter Book with:

pip install -U jupyter-book

and build the book with:

cd path/to/this/repo
jupyter-book build .

The resulting website will be in _build/html, which you can explore by opening any of the .html files that are created.


The governance process and model for Project Jupyter




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