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JupyterLab extension for rich text editing in the notebook
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An extension that transforms Markdown cells into rich text-editing cells, powered by ProseMirror.

text in a markdown cell is formatted as a code block and inline math and an image is added all while live rendering


  • JupyterLab >= 1.0.2


If you would like to contribute to the project, please read our contributor documentation.

JupyterLab follows the official Jupyter Code of Conduct.

Ways you can contribute

Rich Text Editing

  • Add table support. More info at #43.
  • Resolve other issues.

UX Improvements

  • Explore per-cell UI. More info at #44.


The jlpm command is JupyterLab's pinned version of yarn that is installed with JupyterLab. You may use yarn or npm in lieu of jlpm below.

# Clone the repo to your local environment
# Install dependencies
npm install
# Build Typescript source
npm run build
# Link your development version of the extension with JupyterLab
jupyter labextension link .
# Rebuild Typescript source after making changes
jlpm build
# Rebuild JupyterLab after making any changes
jupyter lab build

You can watch the source directory and run JupyterLab in watch mode to watch for changes in the extension's source and automatically rebuild the extension and application.

# Watch the source directory in another terminal tab
jlpm watch
# Run jupyterlab in watch mode in one terminal tab
jupyter lab --watch

Keyboard Shortcuts

Bold: Ctrl/⌘ + B Italic: Ctrl/⌘ + I Underline: Ctrl/⌘ + U Strikethrough: Ctrl/⌘ + Shift + X

Normal Text Style (p): Ctrl/⌘ + Alt + 0 Title Text Style (H1): Ctrl/⌘ + Alt + 1 Subtitle Text Style (H2): Ctrl/⌘ + Alt + 2 Section 1 Text Style (H3): Ctrl/⌘ + Alt + 3 Section 2 Text Style (H4): Ctrl/⌘ + Alt + 4 Section 3 Text Style (H5): Ctrl/⌘ + Alt + 5 Caption Text Style (H6): Ctrl/⌘ + Alt + 6

Bulleted list: Ctrl/⌘ + Shift + 8 Ordered list: Ctrl/⌘ + Shift + 9 Nested list: Tab to nest a list item; Shift + Tab to unnest Block quote: Ctrl/⌘ + ' Inline code: Ctrl/⌘ + < Code block: Use Markdown syntax and press enter. Example: ```python

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